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This custom-built bundle includes:


1 Educational License: Calaveras County, CA


6 Blu-Ray Discs of the feature-length documentary, 'What Lies Inside - Healing in the Face of Trauma,' (One disc per campus - please add an additional $25 per disc for any additional discs).


6 Streaming Codes (one per campus/school) to Access:


- Immediate, lifetime streaming access to the feature-length documentary, 'What Lies Inside - Healing in the Face of Trauma'.


- Immediate, lifetime acces to our bonus materials library. This library includes 'Next Steps' an additional interview with Dr. Kerry-Ann Williams, 'Living Tomb' - A short film by Lara Dollens (featured briefly in the full documentary), and our Presentation Pack – 42 short clips taken directly from the documentary for use in presentations, in-class discussions, group sessions, and more.


- Ongoing access to the library, even if more material is added.


*The 6 codes are based upon the understood size of the district. If we have misunderstood and more codes are needed, please let us know.




What Lies Inside - Educational Bundle - Calaveras County, CA

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